The Everton game was an eventful game. Possible a good point at the end of the season! Yet it shouldn’t have taken much for us to beat them. Everton always seem to be our bogey team, which proved true again this time. The game had everything apart from a red card; which in my option should have been given to James McCarthy. As his challenge in today’s game wasn’t acceptable, as you saw by Payet being out for the next 3 months who I will talk about later. I felt apart from that we were on top for most parts of it with some good football at times! I feel we missed Sakho’s presence and pace up front. Carroll struggled, but as we all know in a different game Carroll can be unplayable. I think the back 4 looked strong again after a shaky Watford performance the week before. Reid looked to be back to his best after his injury and Tomkins looked strong also, which was a positive! Apart from the goal which I thought was a bit weak!

The midfield looked strong and resistant, which is very impressive against a side that normally can pass their way through teams, for example Sunderland the week before. Lanzini also came up with a cracking goal, which I really feel showed the distance we have come as 2 years ago that would have ended up in row z! Moses also looked sharp turning their left back inside out…I think they will be hoping Baines is back sooner rather than later.

A huge factor of the game was the injuries that we received to Payet and Enner, both who could have played big roles this year! Payet is out for 3 months as I’ve already said. A huge loss, someone who so far has been Hammer of the Year; hands down! Enner is also a big loss as he was just coming back from to fitness, after his Europa league injury. Sadly I don’t now how long the injury is until Friday due to his international call up, were he has to see the physio.  Both players gave the team pace, power and flare. At the same time we can’t dwell on this for too long because every team gets injuries! I really do feel this year though the squad is so strong, as the possible replacements can be Lanzini (moved onto the wing), Zarate who once was sold for £37 million or Antonio! Antonio is someone we haven’t seen much of yet but I’m sure he can do well. He is a big powerful winger who gets goals, due to his direct approach on the pitch. I’m sure the fans will harm to him as soon as he gets a chance! At the same time, I would have hated to pick a team over the last few weeks as everyone has been fit!

We also have song who played 60 minutes in a closed door game against Palace! Someone who has the same quality as Payet! If he shows his pre Christmas form, I really believe we can go so far this season and the sky is really the limit!

I hope you have enjoyed my Column, I’m new to this so bare with me :)! Next week I’m thinking about doing a Spurs pre-view, I huge game for us all! If you want me to cover anything on here… Tweet me.