Right, well this is my first time of writing an article, so I hope you all enjoy. I’ve been an
avid West Ham fan since the age of about four. Following in my dad’s footsteps, I never
really had any choice in who I supported and as much as I sometimes wish he had of
supported a team that caused me less stress, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a
West Ham fan is in my blood and I can’t even begin to explain the ups and (a few more)
downs I’ve felt during my 26 years of supporting them-only True West Ham fans will
understand. It started with me playing football with my brother in the garden until it was
pitch black and couldn’t see the fence panel goal posts any longer. I always had to be
playing as West Ham and a few years later pretending to be Tony Cottee or Lee Chapman
(yes I know)! I was the only girl who seemed to like football back then, so I do love the fact
that ladies football is now deemed acceptable and becoming increasingly popular. In
particular the West Ham ladies team having fantastic support from all of our fans! COYI!

Anyway, that’s enough about me, today I’m going to list the top 10 players of my
generation. Since this is through a female eye, you might be expecting me to name Dani
in the top 10, but I assure you it is all based upon footballing talent. Being born in 1985
means I missed the greats such as Bobby Moore, Trevor Brooking, Billy Bonds and Geoff
Hurst, otherwise there is no doubt that they would be on the list. So here goes, let me
know if you agree with the order or if you think I’ve missed someone off….Marco Boogers
and Savio were a close Number 11/12, so don’t hate me for not listing them.

10. Luděk Mikloško – What a goalkeeper Ludo was! He was the first goalkeeper I
remember for West Ham, making some incredible saves. Ludo was a loyal servant for us
and it was nice that he came back to us as a goalkeeping coach for a while. We still sing
about him now, so that must mean something, even if he isn’t from Moscow!

9. Dean Ashton – Although Deano sadly wasn’t with us for that long, he just had to make
the top 10. For me this is one of the saddest footballing stories, as he was clearly a
fantastic goalscorer whom I truly believe would have gone on to be one of the top
goalscorers for West Ham and England, had he not had to retire at just 26 years of age
due to injury.


8. Trevor Sinclair – For Trevor saying he’s fondest moment in a West Ham shirt was
destroying Spurs, could have made him get in my top 10 on its own, but he’s also made it
as he was a creative player who I really enjoyed watching. I’ll never forget seeing him
score that bicycle kick for QPR and to sign him shortly after was hugely exciting, he then
scored another bicycle kick against Derby which was pretty impressive! Quick, creative,
versatile and loved destroying Spurs, no question he was making my top 10!

7. Rio Ferdinand – I haven’t been able to include Bobby Moore on the list, so Rio makes it
as the best central defender in my lifetime. Part of the academy generation, winning
Hammer of the Year at just 19 years old, Rio proved what a talent he was, going on to be
one of England’s greatest ever defenders.

6. Scott Parker – A solid central-midfielder, with real determination each match, he just
didn’t stop. I was gutted when Parker left us, he always played with incredible passion,
was an inspirational captain and he was a shining light in 2011 when we were relegated. I
think his three Hammer of the Year Awards speak for themselves.

5. Joe Cole – Joe Cole was the first player that filled me with genuine excitement whenever
he got the ball, I just loved watching him play. I was at Upton Park when we won the FA
Youth Cup and remember thinking he was going to be a true great. For me Joe certainly is
a West Ham legend and for him to come back to us a few seasons ago was proud
moment. I would love him to come back again in the future in a different capacity.


4. Julian Dicks – Such a shame that he never played for England, if only he had let his hair
grow! Another player known for his passion, but in particular his strong tackles and
intimidating the opposition-he’s the sort of player we don’t tend to see anymore, which for
me is a real shame. Not forgetting he is probably our greatest ever penalty taker, although
my Dad says that it is Ray Stewart but he was before my time. He’s proven recently in his
coaching role what West Ham means to him.

3. Carlos Tevez – I remember that transfer deadline day so clearly, being in shock that we
had signed Tevez and Mascherano, thinking that maybe this was the start of something
exciting. Sadly this wasn’t the case but Tevez certainly had a massive impact that season.
I was just desperate to see him play and I remember being at Upton Park for Curbishley’s
first game in charge against Manchester United, everyone was chanting for Tevez to come
on, unfortunately he didn’t play that match but as soon as Tevez started playing regularly it
was obvious what a talent he was. I’m sure nobody will ever forget ‘that goal’ the last game
of the season, once again against Manchester United – he made me cry with happiness
that day! For me Tevez will always be a West Ham legend.

2. Paolo Di Canio – Paolo was an incredible player, not only for his skilful talent but for his
passion for the game. He was a real character, going from pushing the ref over during his
time at Sheffield Wednesday, to winning the Fair Play Award for stopping play and
catching the ball when he was through on goal against Everton. Finally, I will never forget
that goal against Manchester United, one on one with Barthez, he was a loyal Hammer
and will always be a true West Ham legend.

1. Tony Cottee – The top spot for me just has to be TC! He was one of the first players I
remember thinking was exceptional and if you had of asked me who my favourite player
was as a kid, it would definitely have been Cottee. The fact he is one of West Ham’s
highest ever goalscorers, a true Hammer and purely for him being one of my first
memories of a footballing great, he is at Number 1!


Thanks for reading guys and girls! Let me know your top 10 via Twitter @Flump9