Age: 19 years
Nationality: Brazilian
Current Team: Palmeiras
This week we have very gifted player who is amazing with the ball.
Gabriel Jesus dubbed the “Palmeiras Neymar” is thought to be the best player to progress through the Palmeiras Academy .
Gabriel is a Winger or Striker.
He is a real showman….. like Neymar he does some amazing skills that enable him to beat players with ease.
Personally though, I find Gabriel Jesus much more exciting on the ball, he does some unreal stuff with it.
Even when crowded he can find a way through.
He has great composure in front of goal, great technique.
He plays the game with a huge amount of confidence.
He has great determination and fights for the ball, can handle himself well on the pitch.
His feet are electric, really quick feet and he is so unpredictable.
A real nightmare for defences.
Trust me, watch this guy and you will be in for a treat.
Jesus is an exceptional talent.
At youth level he scored 54 goals in 48 matches..
Currently he is improving very fast and is up there with Gabriel Barbosa who is another amazing young talent from Brazil .
No question Gabriel Jesus will be a top class player with top clubs already looking at him this summer.
STRENGTHS : Finishing -Dribbling – Composure – Flair – Agility – Creativity – Technique – Pace
WEAKNESSES : Concentration