Personal Information
Ademola Lookman
Age: 19 years
Height: 5ft 8in
Positions : Winger/Striker
Nationality: English
Current Team: Charlton
This week we have a young exciting Homegrown English player, born in Wandsworth.
Ademola signed for Charlton from Waterloo FC youth.
His impressive form for the Charlton youth teams led to his quick debut for the Senior squad after showing his goal scoring prowess.
Clubs such as Manchester City took early interest in Lookman as it was clear to see Lookman was a talented player.
He has also made a few appearances for the England youth teams.
Style of play
Pacey, Direct and brave on the ball.
Lookman is a small player who will cause confusion in attack.
Defences don’t enjoy playing against him, with his ability he is hard to contain, he twists and turns defenders, makes good runs off them with his movement.
He is a constant threat on the counter attack, looking to exploit any spaces in behind timing his runs well.
Also his great low centre of gravity on the ball confuses defenders, he is unpredictably dangerous when near the goal.
His pace combined with his dribbling ability and intelligence make for a great combo.
He has no problem beating players, very skilled and creates space.
He is a sharp shooter, give him half a yard and he will crack off a shot to trouble goalkeepers, very brave in his play.
Lookman isn’t a player who lets pressure affect him so far, he is fearless and it makes him dangerous with his attributes.
I hope he continues to play in this fashion as so many young players fall but at this moment, Lookman is an exciting young player to watch and could play at a higher level with more experience.
He isn’t really weak, uses his body balance well, he can hold his own against tough players and at the young age of 19 he will develop more physically.
He is a good finisher which will only get better and he just needs to carry on playing to improve more.
I think he would do well in a 2 man striker force or on the wing.
For football fans who love exciting players, Lookman is right up there to watch.
Written by Richard Jones – via twitter @emagehtjr
STRENGTHS :  Pace – Balance – Dribbling – Agility – Technique – Finishing