The content on our YouTube channel has died down a bit recently but we are delighted to have Evan back filming some new videos with the fans after the Hull City game! There is a mixed reaction to the result and performance and some fans are happy whereas others disappointed in the performance.  We are looking for advertisers and new YouTubers to help our channel grow so if you think you can offer anything please get in touch with the site.

As this is our last video before Christmas Evan gives a last message of thanks to the supporters for your support of our channel.  I would like to thank Evan (whose has really been the face of the channel and site since this started), George who is the brains behind it all with all the filming and the editing and Baz and Steve who have helped to provide exclusive content from the away matches.  The YouTube Channel will be one of the projects of the new year and we really hope to kick on with it so if you would like to help up please get in touch.