Written by @whusam_

Before I write this article I’d like to thank Ex and the West Ham Way for giving me the chance to do so. This week Ex has left twitter and he does a lot for the fans of WH like proving transfer news, the radio show and organising events. He doesn’t deserve the abuse he gets. Hopefully we will see him back on twitter soon.

This has been a very interesting week as a West Ham fan if I’m honest, we have been hearing on social media that we have a decent sized transfer budget and this along with our known revenue from sales of Valencia (potentially), Nordveit, TV rights, low stadium costs should mean that we are able to spend freely and compete with the like of Everton this summer.

A major issue for the club so far is that all of our targets rely on other clubs getting replacements in (Giroud/Batushayi) and that will be a waiting game, but missing out on a top youngster in Onyekuru and struggling to negotiate with City for Iheanacho has fans frustrated.

I’ve seen a lot of talk from fans about bringing in a Director of Football which I think is a great idea. We need someone who can bridge the gap between the football side of the club and the business side of the club. The trouble we have is that we are struggling to attract players to come to West Ham, the owners thought that the stadium would be a massive pull factor in transfers when in actual fact it isn’t.

A Director of Football would need to be someone that knows the game and the club very well. Maybe an Ex player or even a Manager who wants more of an oversight role. We need this person who will run the club for the owners, work closely with Bilic and know their stuff when it comes to transfers and talent on the pitch, because at the end of the day, despite their experience at Birmingham, the owner’s businessmen and they will always think like businessmen.

A Director of Football would need to be given a set budget from the owners at the start of the window, then he works with Bilic and they together sign who they want to and who will be best for the team, not someone who the owners see getting their money’s worth on.

The owners have shot themselves in the foot over the last few years with promising big money signings last year and not delivering and struggling again this year in the transfer market. I know it’s still early days yet and the window doesn’t close until September but everyone has last summer in the back of their minds, and with Everton spending freely and and being so successful, it is a bit concerning.