Evan had some interesting discussions with the fans this week.  Despite the win, many were not happy and felt that players under performed and that certain substitutions were very questionable.  As always they do not hold back in their opinions and let us know exactly what they think about the team and more obviously the manager.  The videos have been put together really well by George Allen, who is one of the unsung heroes of the West Ham Way.  Great bloke who puts a lot of time into editing the videos to a top quality.  Make sure you have a listen to the fans and then Dave’s rant and see if you agree with them.  Please get subscribing to our YouTube channel.

The next interview is purely a rant from the host of The West Ham Way Radio show Dave Walker.  Dave has become one of my best mates since we got to know each other through West Ham and whilst I do not always agree with him his passion and ability to argue his points cannot be questioned.  Have a listen here: