Written by Jake McMullan @jakemcmullan1

Our Mexican marquee signing scored less than 5 minutes after coming on to the field at Stamford Bridge, the definition of an impact sub. His ability to find the net from almost nothing is a trait I think almost all West Ham fans would like to see more often. The issue now lies with the fact that he is getting extremely limited game time given his stature in the game, and should he continue to struggle for minutes on the pitch, he will inevitably leave in the summer.

I think the problem for Moyes at the moment is that Arnautovic is playing arguably the best football of his life. I don’t think a single West Ham fan would want to move the Austrian from his forward position (as any form of winger role is where his reputation for inconsistency has developed), but the current formation only allows for one striker…

Now the obvious and most plausible solution to this would be to play two upfront as this allows for our two top players to play alongside each other, a concept most West Ham fans are calling for. However, off the back of a couple of good results why would Moyes want to change formation? ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ certainly applies here, and Moyes is not the sort of manager who will accommodate individuals over team shape. This would mean Chicharito would have to fit in elsewhere.

Hernandez slotted straight into Fernandes’ position against Chelsea by the looks of things, playing as more of an attacking midfielder alongside Joao Mario. This evidently worked as he scored an excellent goal but in terms of having that level of creativity that a Lanzini and the likes possess, Hernandez in my opinion comes up short. It would also seem wasteful to play our big name striker in a position unfamiliar to him so this position is not a long term fix.

Playing him anywhere else on the pitch just wouldn’t utilise his poacher qualities and so aren’t even worth debating on, which would seem to leave the bench as the final option. Hernandez has proved time and time again from his Manchester United days that he can be an extremely effective substitute, and he proved it once more on Sunday against Chelsea. However, West Ham’s marquee signing will leave should the bench be where he remains, and I think it is important for the clubs progression that we hold onto strikers of his his calibre.

Moyes therefore has a problem, how does he fit the Mexican into his line up with the likes of Lanzini and Carroll soon to be returning? He has a known bad history with Hernandez from his failed stint in Manchester, and I fear history may be repeating itself.