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Written by Stewart Draper

Moyes stares at the final handful of games till the season ends and I’m sure he and his staff will give / do everything they can to ensure safety. However, can we really say he has done enough? I’ll give him a couple of props first…

1.He has energized a couple of players and gotten the best out of them, such as Arnie. How much of that was him verses the players rolling up their sleeves and coming to a realization… only the dressing room probably knows.
2.He has endured a difficult time with the off field problems involving fans and the board and has done his best to continue as normal and handled things appropriately.

The case against…

•our next manager should be long term, forward thinking and hungry. Moyes has floated from relegation candidate to relegation candidate and even a random failure in Spain trying to find a job. A man truly in free fall from a career prospective.
•His performance as our manager so far has been poor to mediocre at best. Tactical decisions questionable (one up top in home games), how he’s handled players like Chicha where there is clearly some old feelings involved from Man U days.
•His transfer Dealings this winter and at previous clubs have been very poor. Hugill purchase instead of a Cairney or Maddison for example… allowing critical members to leave (Forte, Ayew). If those were not his decision… then I still question if he has the balls to deal with our board on transfer decisions.

•Name recognition. Does Moyes help us attract top talent? This summer is a make or break for our board… another shit window and things will continue in the same vein as this season. Moyes only role at a “top” club was Man U and we see how that worked out. Players often base their decisions on manager, style and role within the team.

In conclusion… for me the case for Moyes is NO. There will be better managers available come the end of the season, Benitez is 3 times the manager Moyes. Thanks for the caretaking Moyes, wish you all the best mate but time to aim higher.

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  • Ken Oldfield

    How can you aim higher with this board !, until that changes and hopefully for the good stop dreaming and wake up fella we are where we should be with Moyes and for me he is doing enough with what he is given, the summer will tell us what type of manager he is if given the chance to spend, I would try him on a rolling 3 year deal and hope he gets assurances on what he needs from the board and then we can judge him, to change again unless the players are asking is another unsettling time and I think we have seen enough of that for now.

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