215 appearances, 38 assists, 36 goals, 2 championship titles. That’s quite an impressive Premier League record for a midfielder, isn’t it? But if i told you these statistics belong to a certain Samir Nasri, you’d more than likely want to dodge this player like a walk down Green Street avoiding the gutter-ridden shit that’s come from a Police horse’s arse. I share some frustrations with the fan base on the interest of this player, but i also disagree with a lot of it, too. First of all, a player of this ilk should never ever be overlooked by us as his career speaks for itself. We’d never have the pulling power to sign someone like this in his prime, as all iv’e been seeing is “We are 4 years too late”. But i do agree that we shouldn’t be looking at a player that is serving an 18 month doping ban as it isn’t very good PR for the football club (yet again…), along with the wage he will reportedly be on. However, after giving this some serious thought, iv’e come to the conclusion that this deal could actually suit us down to the ground:- Probably for the first ever time during their tenure, the board are actually showing the ambition which was promised by backing their manager with the players that he wants, and spending big money whilst doing so. Its no secret that Pelle has identified the Frenchman as they worked together at Manchester City, where Nasri was an extremely important player. Do i think Samir Nasri is worth £80,000 a week? Yes and no – YES:- because there’s no doubt in my mind that he is an extremely talented footballer, and has the ability to unlock a defence which is what we’ve lacked seriously since the injury to Lanzini. He’s a player that worked very closely with Pelle during their City days, he can play pretty much anywhere in midfield, and would be a huge influence on the likes of Lanzini, and the younger players coming through the system. He’s a winner, which we need more of to change the mentality of the dressing room.  NO:- because the very last thing our football club needs right now is another mercenary parking themselves here to cream it in whilst they can. But lets get real for a second… is £80,000 a week really a bank breaking wage in modern day football? I’f the board are willing to agree, they clearly have the money, so i don’t see why we can’t back this deal, unless people want to continuously drag Declan Rice’s contract situation into the mix. I have absolutrly no doubt in my mind that Dec’s contract will be resolved soon. Yes it is frustrating, but i think a deal will be struck that suits both parties.

I’m absolutely dumbfounded by some people who are turning their noses up at Samir Nasri – claiming he’s a 31 year old has-been demanding £80,000 a week, who will do nothing but unsettle the dressing room. Yet they would welcome back Le Snake with open arms – who is the same age, wanted more money than previously, and done what? Wrecked the dressing room.

There have been a few developments to this deal since i started writing this article, which was broken last night by another WHU outlet – the player basically turned up to his medical out of shape and overweight which shows a lack of professionalism and commitment. If this is the case, then i can’t see this deal happening now which is a great shame. He would have been a very good addition to the squad on a short term deal which was a no brainer, given his CV… ExWHUemployee will more than likely have a better insight into this story – which will no doubt be discussed on our radio show tomorrow evening, so make sure you tune in to Phoenix 98.0fm, or www.phoenixfm.com tomorrow at 7pm.