Written by: @TheGinge10

The window has been open for over two weeks – and we’re in desperate need of strengthening – but what are our board doing, exactly?

I’ll tell you – they are doing what they have always done, and that is react rather than be proactive!
Anyone can you see we need strengthening in some key positions. They have the money, Deloitte have as recently released the football rich list and we’re number 18 on that list. The rest of the clubs all play top level European football – but as I’m already anti DS/DG, I’m not going to scratch that itch here – otherwise my rant will never stop!!
Back to the window, and the board need to right some horrendous wrongs they have made, including actions that look nothing except asset stripping.
The decision not to play Adrian as our back up has come back to bite us on a few occasions this season and with the news Fabianski is going to miss a couple more weeks again only confirms this. Roberto was an awful signing that we should just cut our losses on now.
We also should buy a RB/RWB in the shape of Aarons of Norwich. Will he be cheap, not likely, but a guaranteed spot in the team again young with pace should be what we looking for. Offer Zaba a place on the coaching staff if he wants as he is a model pro but he is done now. We could also go a lb/lwb but I Moyes seems to like Arthur going forward.
The other two positions we need are someone to take the burden off of Noble and a forward.
Firstly, yes Noble will have a role to play still, and I’ve always been a fan – look at the Bournemouth game! He is a cracking player but he isn’t a 38 game a season player which again the board have failed to back the manager in planning for. I wasn’t too worried about not getting Gedson Fernandes as he doesn’t seem the type we need. We need a guy who is going to put his foot in but also on the ball which I hear Sander Berge is. Why aren’t we snapping these players up? Instead we are linked with Joe Allen and distinctly average players like him! I don’t understand it. It is as if the board are always happy doing the bare minimum and think us fans will just accept it.
And this brings me to a forward who is a key position for us. Haller needs another player with him. Its hard to understand why we got rid of Hernandez as it could’ve been the old way of playing two up top. A big and small one! Haller has seemed desperate at times to have someone feed off him! And last season Hernandez was crying out for someone to do exactly that. I appreciate they’re both on high wages but surely with all the penny pinching the board do this was a no brainer? As for players to fit this type there aren’t many out there because every club wants goalscorers but if it is true that Real want to loan Jovic out to get some game time then it seems a no brainer to me to try and do a loan to buy move! He has an instant connection to Haller!
There should be money available but should we need some I wouldn’t be against selling Yarmolennko as think he is becoming more & more injury prone plus getting rid of Sanchez & Roberto. That is enough wages etc to free up some room for new additions.
Then in the summer Moyes can take a real look & give the overhaul it so desperately needs. Will we spend the money – unlikely. Will this mean we will struggle & be in a dogfight – absolutely!
We should be going for players who can improve us instead it will be cheap options such as Allen and a DS special who no one has heard of and doesn’t add anything to the first eleven!!
I don’t think this will be a window we rejoice in – but the problem still remains. Under this board has there even been one single window we’d celebrate?