“That’s what I do, I win.” – David Moyes 30/12/2019

Just imagine the Curb your Enthusiasm theme playing after that statement as we go over the results since his first game and let that sink in for a moment.

Almost six months on (Albeit with a three month break) we have two wins and two draws under the serial winner that is Scotland’s answer to Mr. Bean. Rather than give a paragraph on how badly it has gone, thanks to @Mark23Harrison just one tweet can sum it all up nicely; Moyes has to win our next 3 games in order to EQUAL the disastrous record set by Avram Grant. (Please feel free to take another moment to let that sink in for a moment).


It’s no lie that Moyes was up against it from fans from the moment he was reappointed, and many non-West Ham fans & pundits saw this as unfair. They argued that we should give him a chance, but every man and his dog could see how this was going to go. The lack of ambition from the board, going for the “safe” option in Moyes, has proven to be very unsafe. In contrast, when Everton sacked Marco Silva in December they were 16th, a point behind West Ham and they employed Carlo Ancelotti. West Ham replaced Pellegrini with David Moyes a few days later and are now 10 points behind Everton; who are pushing for Europe while West Ham are relying on Chelsea in order stay out of the bottom three. Next level. Cheers Sullivan. (And we will get on to the issues in the board in another article).

It is clear that I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, but the deciding factor in writing this article was the inept logic from our gaffer after the game and the knock on effect throughout the week. In the post-match interview, Moyes expressed shock that making a change to the system, in this case Wolves bringing on Traore, changed and won them the game. It’s almost as if Moyes hasn’t been a manager for two decades? It is almost as if the proven winner doesn’t know how to win. I can only imagine what the players thought….

It’s not just the fans that have their heads down now. Just this week Moyes has gone from “I’m a winner” to “It will probably go down to the last game against Villa”. That will surely motivate Anderson to put a shift in next game won’t it now? Saying that, this has clearly rubbed off on the squad. Noble, rather defensively, has come out and said, “We’re always going to lose games”. Now, no West Ham fan is going to deny this, and many predict we will be in a battle to the end. But if our manager and captain are saying this in public, you must wonder what is going on in training!?

Sadly, it appears as if we are only going to survive the same way we did last time Moyes was in charge. We can only hope that there are three teams being worse than us and we can pick up a couple of wins against teams with nothing to play for, already in holiday mode. The tactics on show thus far are reminiscent of Ned Flanders’ hippie parents in the Simpsons. “We’ve tried nothing, and we’re all out of ideas”.

We may as well have reappointed Avram Grant. He won more games for us than Moyes.

By Dennis Watling