Written by: George M.

Wednesday’s result against Manchester United confirmed West Ham’s place in the Premier League for the 2020-21 season. The 1-1 draw brought the gap between us and the bottom 3 to 4 points with one game to go. It has to be said that this season has been a disaster despite our recent form. Plenty of West ham fans have been wishing for the season to end ever since Fabianski went down injured in our away game with Bournemouth and a goalkeeper with glass for hands took his place. With one game remaining against Villa, it is a sigh of relief to think that we are not the team with plenty of factors playing against them. Now is the time we can start to think about next season and what next for the club.

Let’s start with our manager. For the second time now, David Moyes has taken over our underperforming squad and squeezed better performances and harder work out of them. Just like Lemons however, there is once again a sour taste left in the mouth. The fanbase is split between people saying Moysey has earned the right to have a crack at a full season and show us what he can do with our club. Yet other fans say that keeping him on as manager does no favours for the club and we need to continue our ambitions to becoming a top 6 club. There are strong arguments from both sides. Moyes has managed to show us that he perhaps knows his way around a good signing. Soucek and Bowen pretty much saved our season since coming in January and if we think back to the last time Moyes handled a transfer season he signed Joao Mario who also drew acclaims to be a season saving transfer. Moyes has already set his targets for the window this summer heavily looking at bringing in fresh, young and hungry players to help revamp the squad. It is hard to argue that Moyes seems to know what he is doing in this respect. His ability to get the players working harder and with more determination has also helped us beat the drop twice now.

However, Moyes does not give off the aura of taking our club to the next level. This is where the other side of the argument comes into play. We all know what the promises were when the owners took over. If those promises are still seriously being considered and aimed for then Moyes does not fit the bill. Yes, the club already tried this method by signing premier league winning manager Manuel Pellegrini which ultimately failed. However, looking in hindsight, Pellegrini has similar traits as Moyes. He too was stuck in a time when perhaps their footballing ideology would win games and maybe cups. Alas this was not the case in modern times. This is why the names of Pochettino and Allegri excite West Ham fans. These two managers know the modern game and would certainly be a signal of intent to boost this club onto bigger and better things. The two names mentioned may look unrealistic and may not want to work with the Dildo brothers but if the right money was mentioned then surely the project on offer at West Ham would grab their attention.

Next, the players. It is worth mentioning that this topic will rely on what is mentioned above. This is because each managerial option comes with a different style and therefore different set of players needed. For the sake of being in the now, let’s assume that Moyes is our manager for next season. Which players would he likely offload and what players would he likely bring in? It’s easy to say that many fans think that time is up for the likes of Lanzini, Anderson, Cresswell, Fredericks, Balbuena, Yarmolenko and perhaps patience may have worn off for Haller too. These players seem to be the ones that seem to benefit from a big wage but do not offer the club what is expected from them. The players that have been listed certainly have a hefty combined transfer value. This (hypothetical) figure can be reinvested into bringing in some fresh and hungry payers already under the radar of Moyes and his team. Yet, this is why the manager situation affects so much at the club because it’s not hard to imagine that a Pochettino/ Allegri managerial stint would get the best out of the under-performers in our squad. The other managerial options would also have more influence in bringing in more world beaters to the team which would hopefully get our top 6 finish we so desperately crave. But haven’t we seen world beaters join the club already and still get find ourselves near the bottom of the table?

This summer is going to be a huge one for the club regardless of who our manager is because each option seems to have such a different potential impact in the club. Let’s just hope that whoever that man may be, they are properly backed by the owners and we can say goodbye to relegation scraps forever. That seems like a big ask though which is why yet again, West Ham fans will not be able to rest easy. That’s why supporting our club is never a boring affair!