@Denniswatling > One of the biggest takeaways that has apparently gone under the radar in our great seasons is that Lukasz Fabianski is back to his best. For any of you who watch our watchalongs on the Youtube channel will know I affectionately refer to him as “The Red Wall” whenever he makes one of his trademark body saves low to his near post. But of late, he has been just that – a wall separating East from West in the West Ham goal.

After a stellar first season where it felt refreshing to have a ‘keeper who knew how to catch a cross, Fabianski fell off the wagon following his hip and quad issues last season. No doubt with the form he was in just before then we would not have had such a poor slump after our bright start (his wonder stop to deny Harry Maguire in the 2-0 win over Man United lives long in the memory). But after the last few games it is impossible to deny he is back on form.

For far too long we have had erratic goalkeepers. Jussi started well but went off the boil once he hit 40. Adrian’s spell followed the same cycle: he would have the game of his life, slump to mediocrity over the next few games, then drop a few clangers, get dropped only to return, repeat. Randolph was a competent keeper but never number 1 material and the less said about Joe Hart’s time at the club the better. For those reasons, we need to appreciate what we have in Fabianski all the more.

There has been lots of talk about needing a new keeper, and with Fabianski’s age and the fact he is out of contract in summer I guess that is only natural. That being said, we would be foolish to not renew his contract, even if it is to fight it out with a new signing for the number one spot. Furthermore, we have three fantastic young goalies on our books which hopefully can challenge for the starting spot in a year or so, so keeping Fabianski around for one or two more seasons whilst they learn their trade is a logical option.