21st March 2021
Sunday 3pm kick off
Arsenal VS West Ham

Kicks off…

8th Minute – Great cross from Benrhama and then Soucek heads across the post.

12th Minute – Incredible ball by Cresswell, into space to Bowen, one on one but too slow to get shot off and then trips over.

15th Minute – Passed by Antonio, then Lingard shoots from the edge of the box and whips it in the top corner.  West Ham 1 -O Arsenal.

17th Minute – West Ham, quick free kick, caught Arsenal off-guard and Bowen puts it in the bottom corner of Leno’s front post. West Ham 2 -O Arsenal.

32nd Minute – Looping cross from Coufal, just outside of the box, put in the 6 yard box.  Antonio heads it and then a tiny touch from Soucek puts it in the right bottom corner.

West Ham 3 -O Arsenal.

38th Minute – Chambers crosses it on the right side about 3 yards of the box, then Lacazette whacks it at Fabianski, goes in the net. 

West Ham 3 -1 Arsenal.

HALF TIME – West Ham had a lot of possession in the opening 15 minutes whilst Arsenal were sitting back.  In the first 30 minutes, Arsenal had a massive possession improvement.  The same as 30 minutes leading up to half time,  West Ham 3 -1 Arsenal.

61st Minute – quick Arsenal free kick, about 2 yards from the box, Chambers crosses it in.  The West Ham defender Dawson tries to clear it high but accidentally whacks it into the roof of the net.

65th Minute – Arsenal lose the ball, then Soucek passes it, then a faint touch by Antonio, then he lobs it to Lingard. He shoots, it gets blocked, then Antonio gets the re-bound.  Antonio goes out for a corner.

West Ham 3 -2 Arsenal.

82nd Minute – cross by Pepe, headed by Lacazette in the roof of the net

West Ham 3 – 3 Arsenal.

FULL TIME – Arsenal complete an incredible comeback from behind.  Arsenal were the better team throughout the match.

West Ham 3 -3 Arsenal.