Trevor Twohig > Gulls descend lazily in the estuary.

This is the gulch of the big city, the grey industrial dirge, the constant noise of trucks and traffic, the searing dichotomy to London’s continuous, never-ending progress.

A gull lands on a strip of concrete, outside a series of warehouses. It ponders a chip that has been left from a workmen’s lunch. It snaps at it, before flying off back to the river, the lifeblood of this great city.

Its pace accelerates, as the door to one of the warehouses slowly open to clanks and clangs. The usual odds and sods abound: fittings, fixtures, furniture. For some, the smell of an old friend long gone… history.

The West Ham crest was first spotted by Robin, upside down in his boss, Nicky’s lock up. As a fellow football fan (non-West Ham), he understood what the crest might mean to theWest Ham United faithful. A quick visit to the Hammers United Facebook page, and he was proved right, their was a strong feeling regarding the return of the crest that once adorned the Bobby Moore Stand of the Boleyn Ground, in the 1980’s.

We made contact with Robin at his office in sunny Dartford, Kent. Much to our delight, Robin seemed like a genuine man of Kent, who wanted the crest to be returned to its rightful home. He told us a price and we mulled it over.

We decided to approach the club and invited them to purchase it. We explained what we had been told and the fact that we thought it would be a marvellous way to answer the critics who made it clear in the HU survey, that the club needed to do more to recognise our history and heritage.

We received a response after about a week, which made it clear that the club would not be taking up the opportunity to bring the crest home. We were not surprised, nor were we deterred. We had been given information which may or may have not been correct, that this is not the first time the club had the opportunity to take ownership of it, and not the first time they have passed.

We went back to Robin, and I was put in touch with the owner, who was candid and professional. He had a number of offers, some more lucrative, yet his desire was to return it to its spiritual heartland, through Hammers United.

We scratched our heads, we mulled it over. It would be a big ask to find the money and a lot of responsibility. We were delighted to be approached by a number of affluent Hammers, who were more than happy to donate and bring the crest home.

The decision was made. On Saturday 3rd April, the crest was picked up, paid for and delivered back to the West Ham heartlands, property of Hammers United. That said, they don’t feel it’s theirs, it is the fans. They are merely the custodians who acted on behalf of the fanbase, a fanbase sick and tired of having its heritage mocked. So, they acted. The fans of this historic football club acted. We brought Bobby’s crest back,and we look forward to letting you know when it will be erected at the Supporter’s club, back in the manor, that we call home.

Long Live West Ham United.