Neil Shaw-Smith > Czech one, Czech two

Hype them up inside the venue

Allow introduce to you..

Coupla players always featured on MOTD 2:

In player of the year talks he’s got to be in it.

Soucek checks his runs until the last minute

Salvaging points with his head from certain losses

Just who you’d want on the end of fierce crosses

In just one match, he ran 17k

But in his stride for him, just another match day

Then came Coufal in next.

No one knew how he was, fans were all perplexed

Keeping world’s best in his back pocket,

Fire a bullet at him, he’d find a way to stop it

Step up, bring out your big guns,

You’ll need something special, he just runs and runs.

No one though the Prague pals would be so slick?
The two great finds from Czech Republic

You tell me, who could ask for better lads?

Get those boys their potato salads