Since becoming editor of The West Ham Way site and joining Dave Walker, Ex & Co, I have been looking forward to kick starting our series of exclusives for our readers. With many in the pipeline, who better than to sit down with first than the enigma that is West Ham Clips.

He’s certainly not an easy person to pin down, especially since the recent suspension from Twitter! However, I am delighted to say that we have managed to do so.

The elusive West Ham Clips, who has made a name for himself by posting alternative commentary videos of highlights of our games. Firstly Clips I wanted to say I am a big fan, and like many others, I really look forward to your videos each week. So can I start by asking how this all started, as you seemed to arrive on our Twitter and Instagram feeds out of nowhere?

The reason I started my twitter account originally is a bit of a weird story. When I first made it, it was because I had too much storage on my phone. I used to screen record a bunch of random videos, mainly videos to do with West Ham.

So, rather than deleting them completely, I posted them to Twitter, hence the name ‘West Ham Clips’.

After a while, I started to get into video editing and anyone who’s followed me for a while may remember some of the random nonsense that I used to put together. For instance, when West Ham sold Marko Arnautovic I remember making a video of Manuel Pellegrini speaking, and dubbing over the audio with text to speech, making it look like he was saying something along the lines of ‘David Sullivan please buy me a striker, or I’m going to have to play Jordan f***ing Hugill!’

The tweet did really well for me at the time, so I took that concept into commentary, using text to speech effectively as a football commentator. Admittedly this is something that was done previously, but to my knowledge, I’m not aware of anyone before me who made these types of videos consistently.

The first one I made did quite well, so whenever there was a decent West Ham match I made another one of these videos. Skip forward to the football returning during lockdown, I decided to do one for every game for the remainder of the season, and they started doing even better, so ever since then, I’ve done one for every single West Ham match.

How brilliant is that! Now elephant in the room… Can you give us an update on your Twitter account? As I was horrified to see you had been suspended! What was the reason and what is the latest on this?

If all goes to plan, I should have my account back by the time this interview goes out, fingers crossed!

The reason it got suspended was because of copyright, if you post content with copyrighted material, then more often than not, Twitter will remove your tweet and give your account a copyright strike. Then once you get a certain amount of strikes, they will suspend your account.

Quite a fair amount of my videos get removed by twitter, but the reason I don’t normally get suspended is because I post the actual video on a separate account, and then I would share it onto my main account. That way if the video gets taken down, the strike won’t go onto that account.

Unfortunately, this time I got given a strike by accident, when it should’ve gone to my other account, but like I said, it should be resolved soon. I do wish Twitter would be as quick to deal with other issues on the app as they are with copyright though!

Well we certainly hope this is resolved soon as Twitter certainly isn’t the same without you!

I saw the other day you caused a little bit of a stir on TalkSport, when Simon Jordan made reference to us Hammers fans chanting ‘West Ham are massive, everywhere we go!’ – Which I believe has stemmed from your videos! What did you make of Simons remarks and also Laura Woods defending us fans and yourself?

That was brilliant wasn’t it! To be fair to Simon Jordan, despite very nearly running Crystal Palace into the ground, he does offer some good insight on the show. But his comments about West Ham fans calling ourselves ‘massive’ were just ignorant on his part.

Even if he doesn’t understand the context, it doesn’t take a genius to work out the nature of the saying! It’s no different to when teams sing ‘we are by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen.’

I must admit though, it was quite funny seeing how worked up he got over it, and it was even funnier to see him backtrack and say he was being ‘ironic’.

In regards to Laura Woods, I don’t think she was ‘defending’ us to be honest, I think she just gets it.

Ultimately the whole ‘massive’ thing has been said for a while, even when we were fighting relegation, but it just so happens that now, for the first time in a very long time, we are looking like a very good team and actually are pretty ‘massive’.

Now if enjoying that is such a big crime, I will personally write Simon Jordan a handwritten apology – and deliver it myself!

I’d love for him to read this interview when it goes out!

So what are your thoughts so far on this season and how far do you really think the ‘Tartan Diego Simeones Massive B*stards’ can really go?

I really don’t think there is any limits on what this team can achieve this season.

In our first 11, there are very few weaknesses and if I was an opposition manager, I would be scratching my head thinking how can I get a result here.

4th spot and the Carabao Cup are absolutely there for the taking, and I do think we have a good chance in the Europa League too, however I don’t think we are the favourites to win it like the bookies are suggesting.

Although on paper, we have a team that can potentially win it, the majority of the squad lack European experience, you can see it with someone like Unai Emery, and teams like Sevilla who have won it several times, the knowhow in these competitions can be vital.

I do think the depth of our squad is stronger than the people give it credit for, but we are short in one or two positions. If we can survive the Christmas period, then we have a real big opportunity in January to really push for something.

We have a busy winter period coming up, followed by a rather vital transfer window, especially if we want to push on for the 2nd half of the season. Who would you ideally love to see the club bring in January?

I would love to see Lionel Messi come in, but unfortunately Jarrod Bowen is looking un-droppable at the moment!

In all seriousness though, I think 2 positions in particular need strengthening. We desperately need a left back in my opinion. Cresswell has been fantastic but he can’t continue to consistently play 2 games a week, and with Ben Johnson playing so well on the right, I don’t think you should take him out of his position.

I would love us to get Nicolas Tagliafico from Ajax, I believe he is out of favour there currently but I think that plays into our hands, and David Moyes is definitely the right coach to get him back to his best.

He has also filled in at centre back in the past, and with Ogbonna looking like he’s out for the season, I think this signing can help us kill two birds with one stone – he could potentially be another Zabaleta type figure for us.

The next position definitely would be a striker and I really do not know who would be my top pick.

The reason why is because, bar Hugill, Moyes has not actually signed a striker whilst at the club, so we don’t have any concrete evidence as to what type of striker he really wants to sign, but as long as it’s someone he picks, I will be happy.

However if it was up to me, I would like a striker with European experience.

Lastly it would be Jesse Lingard. If I was to put money on it, I think we will sign him instead of a striker, which I would not be too disappointed with, but I would like to ideally see us sign both.

Well I’m hoping ExWHUemployee will drop me a text soon, especially on Lingard. But lets wait and see!

Now I know you are very secretive about your identity, but if you could give us a little snippet about yourself…. What is your most memorable game you attended?

It feels like cheating, but it can only be the last game at Upton Park against Manchester United.

The game was obviously memorable, but the whole day leading up to the game was just as good. I don’t think there could have been a more fitting last day at the ground.

However from more recent memory, the home match against Huddersfield a few years ago was quite good. Coming back from 3-1 to win 4-3 with 15 minutes to go was quite remarkable to be fair.

We’ve also been quite good in the London derbies the last few years, beating Spurs 1-0 at home to stop them winning the league, and securing safety in the premier league was quite a good one too.

Hopefully if you ask me in a few months, it will be us lifting a trophy either at Wembley or in Seville!

Well I certainly hope that is the case too!

Now who would be the ultimate Special Guest we could get for The West Ham Way Pre Match Event that would mean you and Tibbles would attend?

Unfortunately I’ve missed the boat on that one, I would’ve loved to have gone to the James Collins Pre Match event, he’s one of my all time favourite players.

I just love everything about how he goes about his business, everything about him I think just epitomises West Ham, I also love how when he came back the second time, he grew his ginger beard, and arguably was a better player for it!

If I was to pick someone else, it would probably have to be a player of that ilk, perhaps Mark Noble when his playing days are over would be a really good one.

Well I shall pass on to Dave & Ex and get the Noble one in the diary!

And finally, it’s the question on everybody’s lips so I am just going to have to ask it… Basmati or Pilau?

Now that is a question that has shaken up many debates amongst the critical thinkers of our time.

You could make a strong case for Pilau, but I’m afraid you would be wrong. It would have to be Basmati every day of the week.

It just offers a level of flexibility that Pilau, quite frankly, just can’t offer. However, this isn’t to discredit Pilau, in fact, quite the opposite.

Pilau rice has lots good qualities and you certainly can do some good things with it, but you simply just can not put it in the same conversation as Basmati Rice unfortunately.

You probably shouldn’t even put it in the same isle to be honest, have one isle dedicated solely to basmati rice, and whack the Pilau in with the condiments or something.