Manager David Moyes has expressed his damning assessment of the controversial plans proposed by UEFA to introduce a coefficient rule to the Champions League from 2024.

The new proposal would mean that the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United would gain automatic qualification into the tournament even if not finishing in the top 4.

The ruling would mean that teams get a pass based on their ‘competition history’, would could mean the likes of West Ham being denied a spot even if we finished in a qualifying spot.

Moyes, like many others in the game, have slammed the new proposal as it’s seen as stealth Super League format designed to protect the ‘big’ clubs and keeping others out.

“I don’t think it sits correctly with anyone who is a football supporter,” said the Irons boss.

“I don’t see where there are many people who could speak positively about this being a good process. I’m guessing behind it is that this is some way to keep them from going into any other leagues. But it seems unfair.

“We want to try to mix it with the big boys when we get the chance.”