The summer transfer window has now officially opened and it is one that could see fundamental changes in East London.

West Ham have concluded back-to-back seasons whereby top 7 and European football qualifications were achieved, thus making this period arguably the most successful in our Premier League history.

The suggestions of ‘flash in the pan’ and ‘a one off’ have dispelled as our David Moyes lead Irons finally are mixing it with the elite in football.

However, one thing that history has taught us is that you must never sit still in this game, the requirement to continue to grow and improve is fundamental if you want to avoid being left by the wayside.

This summer transfer window follows a January opportunity missed, with West Ham standing firm to not invest when it was blatant to all that it was so desperately needed.

The signings didn’t arrive however despite that our Irons delivered another successful season, albeit tinged with an aura of ‘what if?’.

I, like many though begrudgingly accepted the lack of activity five months ago on the basis that the real show of ambition and muscle would be surely realised this summer, with a huge season on the horizon.

The competition in the Premier League couldn’t be more fierce, with many teams looking to invest in new projects and retaining successful ones expected to spend big to get a firm grip in a more than ever busy top half of the league table.

West Ham simply cannot afford to be complacent or slow out the traps in any way, as a huge summer rebuild in a congested market will no doubt be unforgiving.

The early signs are somewhat encouraging, with a couple of deals already nearing completion and firm interest in high calibre players well documented, however all of that means nothing if dithering and hesitancy to spend what is needed comes into play.

What is at stake is not just improving the squad to compete at the top but also to retain some of the best players in this country at London Stadium for seasons to come.

It is widely known that Declan Rice will not commit his long term future unless West Ham match his rightly high ambitions, and there is simply no other opportunity than the weeks ahead, which starts today.

West Ham acquired Rob Newman from Manchester City as the Head of Recruitment to work with David Moyes and this is now his time to prove his worth.

A repeat of January is unfathomable and just cannot happen. The word ambition has been mooted for some time amongst us all connected with the club and this summer it must be shown from the very top.

Come on West Ham. Don’t let us down!

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