Now with the summer transfer window in full swing, I catch up with our man-in-the-know ExWHUemployee to discuss the latest goings on and get an update on potential targets…

Ex thanks again for your time in this busy summer period, firstly I wanted to ask about Arnaut Danjuma. There was a lot of noise about him being close to joining, what can you tell us?

We were actually offered Danjuma previously when he was at Bournemouth, and David Moyes then decided against it. This time around, the player was identified by Rob Newman and he had been offered to the club by his agent. The club have since looked into the finances of a potential deal, however Moyes isn’t convinced on his style of football and character so has since advised David Sullivan of this.

So as of now Mark the deal is off, and the club will be focusing on other targets. Of course this could change if other moves fail to materialise.

You mentioned Ex that the character of the player is in question. This seems to be a key requirement for David Moyes, do you see this as a good thing?

Well with regards to Danjuma specifically, I have spoken to somebody close to the player and have been advised that he doesn’t have a bad character but instead has a huge desire to win. I believe similar to Craig Bellamy who wasn’t shy to call others out if they weren’t training hard enough for instance, which I certainly don’t see as as bad thing. Also he’s a strict muslim so avoids the social aspect, but again that’s not a negative for me, plus we have other players similar.

But in answer to your question; yes, I do see Moyes’ attention to character as a good thing. I believe a key reason for our reason rise under Moyes is down to team spirit. We seem have a good balance of the right characters at the club and that is down to Moyes’ attention and making sure individuals are the right fit.

Ex, a key position we all want to see strengthened is our front line. You have advised previously on Broja of Chelsea, what is the latest on that pursuit?

He is still very much David Moyes’ and the clubs number one target for that position. As of right now, Chelsea are unsure and reluctant as they are currently short on strikers having just loaned Lukaku back to Inter Milan. They are about to go on a pre-season tour in America, and Broja is expected to feature for Thomas Tuchel to review.

Now if they can bring in some of their front line targets then chances of signing him will increase as they’ll be more relaxed in letting a striker leave. All I can say is that West Ham are still actively working on this and the club is hopeful that a deal can be done at some stage.

Ex there does seem to be shift from the previous ‘scattergun’ approach from the club in the transfer market, is that something you agree and can shed some light on?

Yes there is definitely more of a plan now we have the likes of Rob Newman on board. However I would say we still do adopt a list rather than 1 or 2 specific targets who we go for.

So the club will enquire for say 4 of 5 for a position, then look at the best deals from there. But there is no doubt there is more structure in place to how we do things.

Lastly Ex I wanted to ask about your new transfer show with Dave Walker and Michael Bridge of Sky Sports. What can you tell us about it?

Ok so it’s called The Transfer Show, and basically we did this as an opportunity arose for me and Dave to delve into the wider football world too, rather than our entire work being just West Ham specific. It actually helps with West Ham too though as some of the information I get can help lead or verify West Ham news too.

So, much like I do with The West Ham Way, I work hard and speak to various sources regarding the goings on in the transfer window and make sure the news we put on the show is accurate and factual, which sadly some other platforms do not do.

The research that’s done is great as it enables me to connect with other people in the game which again is a huge benefit to what we provide for West Ham, which of course is our main volume of work. I think for £3 per month it really offers a great return if the transfer market is your thing.