As we head into a crucial must-win encounter this weekend, I catch up with ExWHUEmployee to discuss the latest goings on at the club.

Ex we are currently in a precarious position with a lot riding on this match against Wolves. What can you tell us about how things are behind the scenes? Are the players confident going into this match?

Yes the mood is very much determined amongst the players to put things right. To be where we are currently of course isn’t sitting well with anyone and they know this is a huge match that must be won.

We have had a boost in that no injuries have been reported in the week with the international break, so David Moyes has a full squad to pick from aside from the longer term injuries. Although Ben Johnson is close to a return to action.

A question put to me from the fans was relating to Alphonse Areola after he started for France in midweek, asking whether he should be our number one goalkeeper going forward?

I did say at the beginning of the season he should be but credit to Fabianski, he’s played well for us this season so far and really hasn’t done wrong.

With our European football again this season Areola will get a lot of game time anyway so it pretty much evens out. The system is working well although I do think he could be promoted next season.

Ex a player who many would love to see back on the pitch soon is Harrison Ashby. What can you tell us in regards to his return and also his current contract situation?

Well Ashby has a groin strain which he’s still recovering from, and he’s still not yet ready to return to full training.

The contract situation is that the club want to keep the player and will be working to reach an agreement. The offer though will need to be a good one for the player as he has Newcastle and Leeds who are interested in signing him.

A lot of fans, myself included, are very unimpressed with the wall that has been installed at the West Stand between the home and away supporters. Is this something the club will look to remove or is it here to stay?

Unfortunately Mark it’s here to stay for the immediate future at least. The reason it was introduced was because of policing issues and the club decided to take action with that particular area in the ground.

Personally I don’t like it as it hampers the atmosphere, but it certainly isn’t going away any time soon.

Ex we have a West Ham cult hero attending the Pre-Match Event before the Wolves game, with Ginger Pele James Collins joining as special guest. Are you looking forward to this one?

I cannot wait! James is such a lovely guy and what a player he was for us. He’s played under David Moyes and not to mention was alongside Mark Noble for many years, who he is very good friends with still today.

We are buzzing for the event plus we have Harry & The Chicks playing live too so it’s going to be a great way to kick off match day!