West Ham Chairman David Sullivan has spoken out on plans set out by the government surrounding how football clubs are run and regulated.

The plans centre around an independent regulator who will monitor how clubs operate, making sure the finances are managed sustainably, tests on owners and shareholders are carried out while also giving fans a voice to veto key decisions surrounding the club’s heritage.

Kevin Miles, who is the chief executive of the FSA who managed the fan-led review panel, welcomed the news of the changes, stating that this would also block any further attempts at breakaway leagues like the doomed ‘Super League’ proposal back in 2021.

“The FSA warmly welcomes the historic commitment from the Government to introduce an independent regulator of English football,” stated Miles.

“The football governance white paper clearly addresses our key concerns around ownership, rogue competitions and sustainability and of course we support any proposals that offer fans a greater voice in the running of their clubs.”

Sullivan, a somewhat controversial figure amongst fans, has criticised the proposals, believing they will be a waste of money and will not offer benefit.

“It’s a terrible idea,” stated the Hammers chairman. “The regulator will have a huge staff that football will have to pay for. It will be a total waste of money.”

The Premier League also has concerns over the governments proposals, stating that they will support the move as long as they keep key factors in mind when in comes to the prosperity of the game and its clubs.

“We will now work constructively with stakeholders to ensure that the proposed Government regulator does not lead to any unintended consequences that could affect the Premier League’s position as the most-watched football league in the world, reduce its competitiveness or put the unrivalled levels of funding we provide at risk,” a statement from the Premier League read,