West Ham boss David Moyes finally gets his first piece of silverware as a manager. 

The Scotsman has had a career of highs and lows, and nothing could sum that up better than this season has. With dismal form in the league all hope was lost, the majority of fans wanted a change in manger, and we looked to be going down. Fast forward to the present day, West Ham have just won a major European trophy and the fans are singing Moyes’ name again!

“This is fantastic,” Moyes told WHUFC.com, “I’ve had a long career in football and you don’t get many moments like this but thankfully tonight we’ve got the result we’ve wanted.” Moyes’ only previous trophy was a charity shield but that’s not counted as a major honour.

Videos of the gaffer celebrating with his father have spread online and it’s great that he gets to share that special moment with someone so close to him. “My Dad was here. I’ve just had a picture with him on the pitch and it was great. He’s still going strong and he wanted to come to the game.”

“It’s a great moment to have your family at the game for. These moments, as a manager, they don’t come around too often. It means just as much to my dad as it does to me.”

“You don’t always get good moments in football,” he admitted, “but today is a great moment for us.” 

That Bowen goal will go down as one of the most iconic in West Ham’s history but the manager wants it to be just the first big step in the right direction for the club. “West Ham is a brilliant Club in the east end of London who do a lot of work in the community. It’s a big family Club and I think it’s getting better and stronger” Moyes claimed. “We’ve got a massive stadium,” he continued, “we’ve filled [it] all season and tonight is another step on the road towards continued progress.”

West Ham winning the Conference League is not only massive for the fans but it makes a huge difference in the players we can lure to the club by offering European football yet again. With Rice leaving, now confirmed by David Sullivan, having European football opens up a ton of possible replacements. 

As well as the players we bring in, winning the Conference could have a massive effect on David Moyes’ future at the club. There were plenty of reports that if we was to lose the game he would, in turn, lose his job. Well it’s now unlikely that he will face the sack but there are rumours circling that he may choose to walk himself. While there is nothing concrete, I don’t think anyone would blame him for going out on a high.

Either way, that’s not important right now. What’s important is celebrating this historic moment in the club’s history. It’s been an unfathomable couple of days and one none of us would’ve imagined just a few years ago. 

These memories will live with us together and we deserve them. We’ve followed this club through thick and thin, pretty much always selling out a massive stadium no matter how poor the performances were. This is our moment. Enjoy it and get ready to do the European tour all over again next season.