West Ham could well be set for a change in approach when it comes to manager recruitment in the future, it has been reported.

Sky Sports reporter Dharmesh Sheth has recently suggested that if West Ham manager David Moyes’ contract is not renewed in 2024, the Hammers could opt for a distinct change in leadership style. Sheth emphasised the likelihood of the club appointing a head coach, a figure who would wield less influence over the intricacies of player recruitment compared to Moyes.

Moyes, who assumed the managerial reins in December 2019 from Manuel Pellegrini, has faced scrutiny in recent times. Despite securing pivotal recent victories over Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest, questions surrounding the Scottish manager’s future persist. With Moyes’ tenure approaching the four-year mark, the decision to extend his contract remains uncertain, leaving West Ham at a pivotal juncture as they weigh the options that better align with the club’s vision.

During Moyes’ tenure, West Ham experienced a significant transformation, notably avoiding relegation in his inaugural season. However, as the club contemplates the next chapter, discussions about the potential departure of Moyes have become increasingly prevalent. Dharmesh Sheth’s commentary sheds light on the nuanced expectations for the next manager, hinting at a shift toward a more traditional head coach role, relinquishing some of the control over transfer dealings.

However, the Scotsman’s time at West Ham could be up at the end of the season with the club looking to make a decision that suits all parties. Dharmesh stated to GIVEMESPORT;

‘If he is not to remain at West Ham United, I would expect the next manager to come in to be more of the head coach, and probably less control over the recruitment than Moyes has enjoyed over the past few years.

‘But I think that that would be a particular kind of manager who would be used to working in that situation whereby they have a technical director who picks the players, and the main role for the boss is not managing, but rather is the coaching. So they would effectively be the head coach rather than the manager.

‘So I would expect that to be the next kind of appointment because we’ve said this many times, it’s so much easier to dismiss a manager rather than get rid of 10 players who are on long-term contracts.’

By Joe Murray