West Ham’s owner David Sullivan has hit out at the government for new rules which could stop the Premier League being the best in the world.

Without the football pyramid, there is no Premier League. Sometimes it is difficult to remember just how important those teams in the leagues below are to the stability of English football. 

Given that the top flight obviously makes the most money, it should be a given that these clubs give back to those below as it directly benefits them. Unfortunately though, there does have to be a balance and that can be very difficult to achieve. 

The EFL have been in discussions with the Premier League about what this financial package would look like, but no agreement has been met. New legislation though means that a private regulator could intervene, something that West Ham’s David Sullivan is far from pleased about.

“The government has shown an inability to run anything,” Sullivan said via The Standard. “We are now going to be forced to pay for something we don’t want.”

“The Premier League is the best league in the world so why change a winning formula?”

“I hope the government don’t wreck something that works. This means we will be competing with teams from leagues in Europe who give a fraction of the money Premier League clubs give to both the EFL and grassroots football. If over the coming seasons the Premier League ceases to be the best league in the world it will be down to an interfering government.”

While it may be a winning formula for those in at the top, the amount of clubs that are going out of business is awful. It feels like every season there is a new club that is at risk of seizing to exist but Premier League clubs have the power to stop it. West Ham may lose out on some money, but surely it is worth that to keep the foundations of English football strong.