David Moyes has already secured a new job following the announcement that he will not be given a new contract at West Ham.

Despite confirming that he will no longer be West Ham’s manager when his contract expires, the club are refusing to announce David Moyes’ successor out of respect for what he’s done for the club. It’s a great gesture for one of the Hammers’ most successful managers and is also a great look for the future.

However, this idea of keeping things unofficial until the end of the season hasn’t gone both ways as the veteran manager’s new gig has already been confirmed.

Surprisingly, it’s not a new managerial job and it’s not working for UEFA like he has done previously. In fact, it’s something completely different; he’s going to be joining the talkSPORT lineup for the Euros.

While it’s not what most expected, it does make sense. Moyes is a very opinionated individual who will be able to get more ears tuned in to the radio station with his, sometimes, polarising opinions. Above all else though, he just has a brilliant understanding of the game and will be able to offer tactical analysis that others simply don’t have at their disposal.

It is hard to imagine this will be his long term gig, but hopefully it serves him as nice stopgap between his last games in the West Ham dugout and wherever his career takes him next.