Financial expert rips into West Ham owners for using David Moyes as a “fall guy”.

West Ham’s owners have always been controversial. The nature of how David Sullivan made his money alone is something that certain people are unhappy with.

Beyond that, they’ve repeatedly used sneaky tactics to try and shift the focus away from them. Overall, there’s been nothing that’s done that better than the success that David Moyes brought to the London Stadium. Over the three years they’ve been in Europe, there’s been next to no discourse and protests have stopped completely.

Unfortunately for them though, the way they’ve dealt with getting rid of the Scotsman, as well as finding his replacement, has put them back in the hot seat.

Financial expert Kieran Maguire believes that Moyes’ dismissal is being used as a way to deflect criticism away from the board and suggests that it is perhaps because of them that he ultimately fell short this season. “David Moyes has delivered West Ham’s first trophy in the best part of half a century,” Maguire explained to Football Insider.

“He has delivered European football on three occasions and has created many memories for fans as part of their European adventures. At the same time, the fan base do have high expectations.”

“They were sold promises that things would improve following the move from Upton Park to the London stadium and the jury is out from the fanbase as to whether that’s been delivered.”

“Moyes would appear to be the fall guy in terms of the expectations of the board of directors who are perhaps using the termination of his contract to deflect attention from their own mistakes.”

It’s an extremely interesting perspective to put on the decision to get rid of Moyes. While the gaffer didn’t help the situation, there is no doubt that the owners had a huge role in the club’s lack of incomings in the January transfer window which has cost the Hammers massively. There were claims that the club were flirting with FFP, yet every single report puts us in a great position financially. Either way, they certainly could’ve done more than they did and that could have cost Moyes his job.