What does Daniel Kretinsky’s potential takeover of Royal Mail mean for West Ham?

Considering how vocal David Sullivan, Karen Brady and the sadly deceased David Gold have been throughout their tenure as West Ham owners, it’s a strange feeling having someone as quiet as Daniel Kretinsky as a shareholder.

In fairness, it’s how he handles most of his various businesses, one of which being the biggest power company in his home country of the Czech Republic.  However, it does make you question how much care he actually has for the club he has a 27% stake in.

Interestingly, the Czech multi-billionaire has been linked with purchasing the struggling Royal Mail. The majority of what he does is purchase struggling businesses that he thinks he can turn for a profit and then sell them, so the Royal Mail would fit him perfectly.

Unfortunately for him, his plans could grind to a halt due to the fact he is yet to pass national security checks or reach an agreement with trade unions.

In terms of how it affects West Ham if the deal does go through, it could go one of two ways. On one hand he could end up spending more time in England and more time around the club, with an increase in net worth also coming with obvious benefits. On the other hand, it could lower his value and draw away even more focus from the Hammers.

It’s impossible to say right now, but with there being conflicting reports of how much involvement he wants at West Ham, the few months following any potential deal will be a clear indication as to where his mind is at.