David Moyes has said his farewell to West Ham after 4.5 years since his return, where now he makes way for Julen Lopetegui.

The former Real Madrid, Spain and Wolves boss comes in as Head Coach to herald a new era in east London, with the club expected to officially confirm the appointment in the coming days.

Moyes though, who completed his final match at the helm yesterday in the 3-1 loss to Manchester City – which saw them crowed champions and thus denying Arsenal, has expressed his pride in the years in charge and has nothing but good wishes for the club going forward.

“We’ve tried really hard to give the supporters something a bit more than what we’ve had in recent seasons,” Moyes told the clubs Official Website.

“You’ve got to remember that a couple of seasons ago we were finishing sixth and seventh and this year we’ve come ninth, which I kind of think are pretty good positions.

“I know we’ve had a 14th which sticks a bit, but we got over that one, but generally in the time I’ve been here, we’ve given West Ham a pretty good position.

“Not just me, the players and the staff, we’ve really been at it, really worked hard and committed to try and make things go better, and I think people around the Club would generally think we have done. We’ve generally been in a really good place, lots of games, lots of trips, the Club is employing more people than it’s ever done and we’re getting bigger crowds than it’s ever done, so if you add all those things together, it would probably sound like progress.

“I think there are a lot of things for the Club to take forward and a lot of things we’ve made better here and I hope it continues, I really do.

“I’ve said to the players in the dressing room, they have to keep it going. They’ve set some standards in the Premier League now and let’s see if we can maintain it.”

Moyes admitted that things haven’t always been plain sailing, and recently confessed that he felt it was the right time for him to leave the club – he did though feel that despite the low moments, there were also plenty of up’s that fans can cherish.

“I’m really pleased it was a successful time at West Ham and I think that most people would probably agree with that,” added Moyes.

“The people I’ve worked with have been successful and all the people I’ve enjoyed, and I hope that everybody else can continue it.

“We’ve had some dark days here, but let’s be fair, we’re seeing a lot more of the light now than we are of the darkness.”