Simon Jordan makes a remarkable claim about West Ham’s new head coach Julen Lopetegui.

The large majority of West Ham fans were not overly happy with the appointment of Julen Lopetegui. However, he’s made a brilliant first impression and it seems like everyone is willing to back him.

Despite this, some from the outside looking in are still baffled over the decision to not renew David Moyes’ contract. Considering that he’s one of the club’s most successful managers in their history, it’s clear to see why they think the way they do.

Simon Jordan in particular has had a lot to say about Lopetegui, hinting that he only got appointed due to the clubs he’s worked for rather than what he’s achieved there. “Let’s hope it’s (the West Ham job) to his liking!” The talkSPORT host exclaimed. “I don’t know (what to make of the appointment). He is someone who has managed big clubs, he’s someone that comes with a perception of him that you’re going to achieve big things.”

“We’ll see, he’s got lots to say for himself about what he thinks he’s entitled to and what he thinks he should get.”

“He took the Real Madrid job and people look at that and go ‘well you don’t get the Real Madrid job for nothing’. Well he got it for nothing because he lasted 14 games. With that in mind we’ll see if the reputation and perception of this manager manifests itself in an outcome.”

Bizarrely, Jordan went on to claim that Lopetegui most have an unbelievable first season in charge or otherwise he must get sacked. “So they (West Ham’s owners) must have matched his outlay, his history, his interview with the perception of what they want,” he explained. “And so surely we’re going to see a very offensively minded, easy on the eye, beautifully balanced West Ham United side next year. And if we don’t then he should be fired instantaneously!”

You’d assume this is more of a dig at those who wanted Moyes gone due to his style of play as, surely, he knows about the scale of the rebuild that is needed at West Ham. Surely he understands that to run a club successfully you need to constantly adapt but, at the same time, changes don’t happen overnight and for that to happen, the Hammers had to move on from Moyes. That said, Simon Jordan wouldn’t know much about running a club successfully, would he?