Player labelled as the worst signing in West Ham’s history is shockingly wanted by a fellow Premier League club.

To be labelled as any club’s worst signing is an absolutely awful thing, but being West Ham’s worst signing is more of an unfortunate miracle than anything.

While those who call Kalvin Phillips that may be slightly exaggerating, there is definitely an argument for it. Very few players have ever had a negative impact like he has. In fact, there’s a strong vase to say that he cost David Moyes his job.

Obviously, there are a number of factors that could have caused his dire form, almost all of them are outside of his control and, despite swearing at a fan, there’s not many people at West Ham would wish him anything but the best.

Surprisingly though, after looking like he squandered the perfect opportunity to restart his career, he may just be given another one. According to the Daily Mail, Everton are interested in bringing him on loan.

Unfortunately for them, Manchester City are currently only interested in letting him leave permanently which looks extremely unlikely to happen, unless they let him go for ridiculously cheap. The only real chance of them getting a decent fee for him was if Leeds bought him, but that will not happen now that they’ve not been promoted.

Ultimately, with the form he showed at West Ham, anyone would be mad to sign him permanently and it’s hard to imagine that a loan will even go down well with Everton fans. However, we all know he can be a brilliant player and hopefully a pre-season in the right headspace at a club he has the potential to play consistently in will help him find his form again.

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