West Ham forward Jarrod Bowen is looking on odds-on favourite to be on the plane to Euro 2024 this summer.

Representing their nation at a major tournament is every footballer’s dream when they grow up and West Ham has had some great success for international call-ups over the years, dating back to Bobby Moore in 1966. The good press we get from International successes is not only good for us but good for the players and if I could pick one player to represent England and West Ham it would be Jarrod Bowen. He is arguably our most important player and always steps up for us, especially in the big moments like the Conference League final, and he deserves a European tour. 

Who He Would Go Over

The overall consensus for the Euros squad is that as a Nation we are very happy with the squad so far. Gareth Southgate has been criticised for picking people he favours and not basing his picks off form or what the fans want, and to a certain extent I agree. He obviously has had a set bunch of players who he relies on and as a manager that is fair but some players should get a chance. So when this tournament’s provisional squad came out, we were all pleasantly surprised, especially us hammers, as Bowen was front and centre in the attacking options. 

Other Players Chances

For most people, when they are making their squad, Bowen is a player that gets cut. From other team fans’ perspectives, I do understand not understanding the importance of Bowen and what he offers. Bowen is a matchwinner though. He is a finisher with an output of a striker, similar to Salah and offers something different to the other options. Some of the other attackers that have been picked are Jack Grealish and Anthony Gordon and although I don’t think Bowen is necessarily a better player than either of these two, he does offer something different.

With Southgate leaving out Marcus Rashford, it looks like we are less going for the goals on the wing and more for control. Bowen can offer control but can also offer goals and assists which can be said about Jack Grealish. If England were about to play a stronger team and we needed to score goals and I was betting on the Euros and I saw Bowen over Grealish, I would feel more confident that we would score more as a team even if we had less control. 

One thing that needs to be remembered is that Grealish hasn’t played much at all this year. He has been riddled with injuries and on form hasn’t been as strong as other Manchester City wingers, even as recently as the FA Cup final, Manchester City played their city rivals and Jack Grealish didn’t get a single minute in the game over other attacking options

100% On The Plane

With this in mind, the stats of other players who can play on the wing are better than Bowens and although it may seem unfair, the top 6 clubs in England do get more of a look for the teams compared to clubs like us.

In saying this, you need to think about players who can play on the wing over Bowen. Unfortunately for him, the wings are probably our best position. We have players like Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka and Cole Palmer, who will all 100% be going and most likely playing. This hurts Bowen’s chances and I think that he falls into the third category for players, with other attacking options like Eze, Grealish and Maddison being in contention here.

My Pick For The Places

I’m going to put myself in the shoes of Southgate for a second and pretend like I have to take two players from the four I just mentioned. I think the first player who doesn’t deserve to be there is James Maddison, on form and on his season I think Eze should get in over him.

Then I would pick Bowen, obviously from my perspective it seems like bias but he has had a great season, is versatile and offers goals, which we need in tournaments.

By James M