The Brazilian Football Federation has provided a massive insight into the Lucas Paqueta case, and it could reveal his fate over the Summer.

When the day of the FA’s decision on whether to charge Lucas Paqueta came around, everyone at West Ham (including the player) expected the case to be dropped. Shockingly, they went ahead and decided to charge him. The initial date for his team to provide evidence has passed and he has been granted an extension.

Many have been left confused as to what his immediate future looks like and what it means for his move to Manchester City, but the chief of the Brazilian Football Federation has given some information on what will happen from the perspective of his national team.

“In a case like this, the federation has to inform FIFA if it is to remove the athlete. When it doesn’t have the consistency of that punishment, it doesn’t do it,” he explained. “So, faced with the questions that the CBF asked, the English Federation responded that it had no provision for punishment. With this, the CBF understood that he could remain in the Brazilian team without any problems. I believe that throughout the Copa América there will be no problem, because the process is long. From what we gathered from the English Federation and everyone else, it is as if it were a complaint that will not be punished. At least that is our knowledge now.”

There’s a couple of key points to take from this. Firstly, “the process is long” suggests that this could drag on well past the transfer deadline which means, unless found guilty before then, he is likely to wear the claret and blue again. Secondly, there’s the “will not be punished” part. While this could have been translated poorly, it would lead us to believe that the FA have little information to go off and will not be able to prosecute him.

Obviously, we have no idea if this is really the case and what evidence the FA have, as well as what defence Paqueta has, remains completely unknown. All we know is that there are 4 separate yellow card incidents which are being investigated. On paper they look damning, but when you consider the sort of player the Brazilian is as well as the fact he asked not to play in one of those games, it becomes much more complicated than it already was.

For both the club’s and the individual’s sake, let’s just hope this all wraps up in a timely manner. It’s far from ideal West Ham not knowing what the future holds for one of their most valuable assets, and you can only imagine the mental toll this is having on Paqueta.

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