Jarrod Bowen’s comparison between David Moyes and Gareth Southgate begs the question as to why he’s not starting for England.

Much of the criticism that Gareth Southgate has received since the Euros began is the exact same as to what David Moyes received at West Ham. Both managers have a tendency to sit back once they go 1-0 up instead of going for the jugular.

While many see a defensive approach to games as boring and frustrating, Jarrod Bowen has enjoyed the transition into playing for England purely because of the similarities in the two manager’s style of play. “Both managers I’ve had have been really solid without the ball; I think that’s the best thing!” Bowen claimed.

“If you don’t concede goals, you know you can win the game. Do you want to win the game 6-5? It might be good for the fans, but for the players it’s not as nice. At West Ham we were so good without the ball, playing that way – it works.”

The Hammers’ star is just the latest Englishman to speak out in defence of Southgate, following in the footsteps of Harry Kane and Kyle Walker. Like with Moyes, it clearly shows the players are in full support of their gaffer and you can only assume that they have a great relationship with him because of this.

However, there are genuine criticisms to be made about this style of play, especially when both England and West Ham are so stacked with excellent attacking players. Most of the Three Lions’ squad are not used to playing the way the manager does, but Bowen certainly is. Although anyone who doesn’t watch Bowen week-in week-out won’t share this opinion, you have to ask why is the winger not starting for England if he’s the best man for this set up?