West Ham’s partnership with quick books seems to go deeper than just a simple sponsorship deal.

Sleeve sponsors don’t tend to be popular amongst fans in general as they have the potential to completely ruin a kit. However, when it’s a massive, bright green circle then it’s really going to upset them.

Last season’s sleeve sponsor JD was unpopular enough with their white badge, but West Ham’s partnership with QuickBooks looks even worse. However, it’s clearly a deal both parties are delighted with as the club did a full blown interview as well as an ad to announce it.

“We are delighted to announce Intuit QuickBooks as our new Official Sleeve Partner,” West Ham’s chief commercial officer stated.

“It was apparent from our very first meeting that Intuit QuickBooks and West Ham United have a shared vision of empowering individuals and business owners to maximise their potential. This partnership has the makings of something truly special.”

“Intuit QuickBooks’ commitment to support small businesses who underpin our community is evident through their decision to allocate some of their rights including advertising space to businesses with smaller resources than them.”

“It is also pleasing to see Intuit QuickBooks extend their partnership to the women’s team and we will work together on initiatives to support the business owners who are proud champions of our women’s team.”

“This partnership will deliver significant benefits to both our fanbase and Intuit QuickBooks customers and I look forward to seeing the various initiatives develop moving forwards.”

Although partnering with a company that is meant to support small businesses is all well and good on paper, it is a bit ironic considering how the majority of the businesses’ that surrounded Upton Park have shut down after being left with no support from the board.

That being said, marketing director Michael Benjamin was thrilled at the prospect of seeing his company’s badge on the famous claret and blue shirt. “This is such a thrilling and powerful first step to our partnership with West Ham United,” he claimed.

“The Club’s support for our ambition to serve the local small business community is further testament to how two brands that are setting out to change the game and do things differently, can come together.”

“Offering exclusive matchday and ‘surprise and delight’ experiences for West Ham fans, small business owners and QuickBooks customers alike. This will build lasting relationships, demonstrate our commitment to the local community and small business success whilst celebrating everything the West Ham United team has to offer.”

“Watching the players step onto the pitch in their new shirts this season will be a proud moment, marking the beginning of an inspiring journey for both our fans and customers. There’s so much more ahead from this partnership, promising to motivate and uplift everyone involved.”