West Ham have been tipped to be subject to a massive takeover by an expert who’s being “involved in many calls”.

As usual, the transfer rumours have added fuel to the flames of debate surrounding West Ham’s ownership. Many feel like the budget being put out by sources close to the board are far too low given how every financial report puts the club down as being in an excellent position financially – one of the best in the Premier League in fact.

Given the fact this is arguably the most important window in the clubs history, one that defines the entire future of West Ham United, it would be really disappointing if the recruitment team wasn’t given all the resources that can be given to sign the players they want to sign.

Understandably, this has caused frustration towards the board, particularly David Sullivan and Karen Brady. However, according football consultant Keith Wyness, fans may not have to put up with the current owners for too much longer.

“Daniel Kretinsky, who owns 27% and is the guy bidding for the Post Office, we thought he was going to buy out the rest of the club,” the former Everton CEO told Football Insider. “He seems to have stopped that process and it seems there is light for new investors.”

“The valuations are going to be very different from where we were even a few years ago. There has been gossip behind the scenes, and I’ve been involved in many calls on the West Ham takeover subject.”

“It’s difficult to know the timing, but I think we’ll see a development within a year,” he claimed. “Sullivan isn’t getting any younger, and I feel the other shareholders would be willing to sell now. I think it’ll be a big group coming in, so watch this space.”

What these “many calls” actually looked like is a mystery, but it would suggest that there is concrete interest from someone. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen one too many times, a rich owner doesn’t always equate to a well run club. Depending on who the potential buyer is, West Ham could be the next Manchester City or the next Leeds United.