A finance expert has stated what he thinks will happen to Lucas Paqueta following allegations of spot fixing and it’s bad news for everyone.

Lucas Paqueta’s ongoing investigation from the FA into a potential breach of betting rules has not only gone on to have a massive effect on his performances last season, but it’s also completely ruined West Ham’s Summer plans.

The club expected that Paqueta would be found innocent and the case would be dropped, allowing him to secure a £85 million move to Manchester City. Shockingly though, the FA have decided to charge him, causing the case to drag on even more in order to allow his lawyers to gather their evidence.

Obviously, there’s still a chance he is cleared and gets his move at some point in the future but if he’s found guilty it could be disastrous for the Hammers.

According to financial expert Stefan Borson, if he has done what is claimed, it could end up him getting a worldwide ban – stopping a move to Flamengo that has been rumoured.

“I don’t know definitively,” he admitted to Football Insider, “but I suspect given the allegations if it was proven against Paqueta, he would probably have a worldwide ban.”

As far as I can see, the allegations are effectively spot-fixing and it’s kind of like insider trading.

“It’s not just betting on your team to win or some of the softer gambling stuff. This is quite heavy. This is ‘I will get booked, so put a bet on’. He knows he’s going to get booked because he controls it.”

“I think that’s what the allegation is, but we’ll have to see if it’s proven. I think he can probably expect a worldwide ban if it’s proven.”

If he is found guilty, he deserves to be punished. While some may say it’s not that big of a deal, it’s only a yellow card, this simply isn’t the case. It’s a form of match fixing. It would have caused him

to be extra cautious in order to not get a red, meaning he wouldn’t be playing how he can. On top of this, he was suspended for accumulating too many yellow cards which could have cost our Irons points last season.

Hopefully there isn’t any substance to these claims but ultimately no one really knows until his trial starts and we are presented with the evidence from both sides. It would have been stupid of him to do it considering how much he earns, but it’s not unimaginable considering how many players have been exposed for different breaches for betting regulations lately.