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Brought to you by Dave Walker and ExWHUemployee, their shows offer passionate opinions, exclusive news, fan interaction, nostalgia and laughter as well high quality interviews with ex players and celebrity fans. Become a Patron of the West Ham way to receive the following, quality content and benefits:
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The West Ham Way Podcast

Our flagship Weekly show with passionate opinions, exclusive news, listener interaction and lots of laughs!

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The West Ham Way Podcast (Extra Time)

Our second weekly show with a variation of content to include random topics of discussion, guest appearances, fan phone ins and interviews with ex players.

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Breaking news from ExWHUemployee

Get all the latest news from Ex in advance of it appearing on Twitter. Also, if there is any breaking news or rumours that need more detail, a phone call with Ex will be recorded and published to Patrons on the same day. A substantial amount of his information will only be EXCLUSIVE to Patrons.

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Match Day Team News

All Patrons will be provided with exclusive team news on a match day and we will endeavour to confirm the starting eleven in advance of the official announcement.

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Monthly Prizes

All Patrons will be entered into a monthly competition where winners will be selected at random to win West Ham related prizes.

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Discounted Event Tickets

All Patrons will receive a 10% discount on all Pre Match Events.

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Discounted Merchandise

All Patrons will receive a 10% discount on all merchandise (when available)

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Behind The Scenes Content

General video posts and footage relating to the podcast and events.

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Patron Only Forum

Create discussion points and converse with other Hammers in a forum that’s exclusive to Patrons

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