This article is written by former Hammers favourite Mark Ward, who was ever present in our most successful season in 1986.  You can can catch Wardy at each of our events where he is happy to discuss all things West Ham with you.  Make sure you get your tickets for Saturday’s event with Keith Robson today from this link:

After our fives loses on the bounce its time for the players and management to dig deep and get a result at home to Swansea on Saturday. Tottenham did us a big favour beating the Swans last night.

There are loads of opinions about the poor season the Hammers have had and I am not having the change of stadium as any excuse. Bad recruitment YES!! When a player leaves to sign for another club they play at a different stadium, train at a different training ground and may live in a different area of the country. I cant recall a player saying he could not perform because of the change of stadium. The facts are a pitch is a pitch bar a few different dimensions. Whether you are in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or the Moon it’s a game of football. Put it this way my brother works in a gang of builders they could be on a job for a year to 6 months. When they move to another site or city they cant make an excuse of the changes. It is their livelihood and their job.