West Ham have been blessed with the easiest festive schedule in the Premier League, in terms of traveling.

In a heavily congested Christmas period, West Ham are lucky to only have to travel to one away Premier League game until the end of January, they’re even luckier that it’s in London.

Money is tight, trains are inconsistent and people are spending time with family at this time of year, so it’s fortunate that the Hammer’s only away trip is to North London, where they face Arsenal on the 28th of December. The trip from the London Stadium to the Emirates and back takes a total of 1 hour and 26 minutes, according to Gambling.com, meaning West Ham fans have to travel less than any other Premier League team over the next month. 

Unfortunately, this does not take into account their Carabao cup tie away to Liverpool which would bump them up the list a considerable amount. Either way, it could be much worse as Newcastle fans have a monstrous 16 hours and 40 minutes in the Premier League alone, which doesn’t include their trip to Stamford Bridge in the cup.

Everton, Burnley and Sheffield United all have times in excess of 15 hours, while Manchester City Brentford and Liverpool are all below the 3 hour mark.

The benefits to West Ham go further than just the fans though, it means that the players will get to spend more time with their families and be less fatigued from traveling. Though not everyone in the squad will be celebrating Christmas, I’m sure they will be grateful for the rare opportunity to be with their loved ones more.