Fabrizio Romano has revealed his view on Tim Steidten’s situation at West Ham if David Moyes stays.

Ever since he joined West Ham, many have claimed that Tim Steidten has a poor relationship with manager David Moyes. Whether this was the case or not at the beginning is unknown, but it is clear to see just from how much they are pictured together that their relationship has grown over the past few months. 

Despite this, there have been multiple reports over the past few days that the German will leave at the end of the season if Moyes is handed a new contract. Caught Offside were keen to get world-renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano’s take on this and to find out if there was any truth on the matter.

“There would appear to be multiple stories in the media which suggest that Tim Steidten is going to walk away from West Ham if David Moyes stays,” he confirmed. “To be completely honest guys, I don’t have anything confirmed on this at this stage.”

“For sure, losing Tim Steidten would be a huge loss for West Ham in any case, as he did an excellent job in the summer. There were important signings made and a new, fresh vision for the club in terms of the project, other signings and more. He’s done great work at both Leverkusen and West Ham recently.”

Fabrizio is spot on regarding the impact that Steidten has had on the club. We may not have gotten to witness the full extent of his scouting abilities, but he clearly has revolutionised the way the Hammers deal with transfers. If it did come down to it, it would be intriguing to see whether the board would choose to keep hold of Moyes or Steidten.