West Ham have been mocked for making a baffling bid for a player with no end product.

Over the years, more than most clubs, West Ham have made some baffling signings. From Zaza to Nordveit, from Boogers to Roberto; they have signed some poor players.

With the appointment of Tim Steidten though, many fans hoped this would be the end of this. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. In fact, it’s a player he scouted himself that is on the receiving end of harsh criticism – Wesley Gassova.

The Brazilian youngster plays for Corinthians and is just 19 years old. It is no secret that the Brazilian league is one that Steidten sees as having plenty of hidden gems. Gassova is a target that our own ExWHUEmployee revealed and was actually spotted when the club was scouting a different player.

He possesses lightning fast pace and is a sensational dribbler, possessing that recognisable Brazilian flair. Unfortunately, that is where the positives end. Those who watch Brazilian football say that he lacks any sort of end product, poor finishing, lacklustre passing and crossing which leaves much to be desired.

According to Jorge Nicola, the Hammers had a €15 million bid rejected for the winger, leaving everyone absolutely baffled. Pundits and fans alike can not make their mind up over what’s worse; the fact that West Ham bid that much for him or the fact his club turned down that offer. It’s so bizarre that former Brazil international Neto has mocked the decision.

“I will personally take him to West Ham,” he joked. “I wouldn’t just sell him, I’d take him on a donkey and at the airport I’d upgrade him to first class and take him to West Ham.”

It’s fair to say that the youngster really isn’t rated fairly highly, but Steidten must have seen something in him. He is still extremely young and, thankfully, finishing and passing can be drilled into him. With a bit of patience and hard work, we could have a brilliant talent on our hands. For such a low price, it could be worth the risk.

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