A Premier League legend has gave the usual ‘be careful what you wishful’ talk when giving his opinion on David Moyes.

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that David Moyes will be West Ham’s manager next season. Many fans are fed up with what they deem to be boring football and his baffling in-game management. Outside of the actual football though, the situation is just too toxic and his position is becoming untenable.

The future of the club now lies with the board getting the next appointment right. If they do, then it could propel the Hammers even further forward but, if they get it wrong, then they could slip back into mediocrity.

While some outside the club are finally starting to understand why so many fans want a change, the large majority still fail to see the bigger picture. The latest victim of this is Cesc Fabgregas, who has been left baffled by the situation.

“I have a couple of friends that are big, big West Ham supporters and sometimes I ask the question, ‘Why do you guys attack David Moyes so much when he’s getting the right results?” Fabregas stated on the Planet Premier League podcast.

“Last year they won a European cup, they were fighting for Europe up until not long ago and having good results. They said ‘we love him for the results, but we don’t like him because of the style’, and he says ‘we are unwatchable’. These are the words sometimes that they use, which I cannot really say anything because I’m not someone to judge this as I don’t watch them week in, week out.”

Frustratingly, someone as experienced as the former midfielder fell into the same, frankly, lazy argument that so many others have. He argued that results are much more important than how entertaining the football is. “But I think this is the only thing they complain (about). I said, ‘Yeah, but what do you prefer? To play good football and not get the results? Or to play football that suits him and get the results?’, because at the end of the day, where is the line?”

“Someone else will come and will start playing very good football but they will not win games and then they will be complaining at the other thing. He (Moyes) has been successful – I respect (him) a lot for what he’s done in football and for the man that I know he is.”

On paper, what he’s saying makes sense. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t a case of one or the other – you can have both. It is about pushing on and not stagnating, it’s about being entertaining while also getting the results.

As he admitted, he clearly doesn’t watch West Ham all that often and it shows. The Hammers have only won 4 games in 2024 and haven’t looked like winning in many others. They’ve all but thrown away their chance of securing a fourth consecutive season of European football and a lot of that does come down to Moyes. He deserves a lot of respect for what he’s done for the club and there are still some good arguments to be had about him staying, but the same old ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ is not one of them.