Manager linked with West Ham job apologises to fans for speaking to the Hammers before the end of the season.

The excitement amongst West Ham fans surrounding the potential appointment of Ruben Amorim quickly dwindled after reports emerged saying the talks didn’t go too well. However, the fact that talks even took place surprised some given that he still has a job to do with Sporting Lisbon.

Understandably, both Sporting fans and Portuguese journalists are outraged with the fact he gave his players days off so he can go discuss his future with another club. As a result, Amorim has come out and apologised for his “mistake”.

“Obviously my trip was a mistake, the timing was completely wrong, it didn’t seem right at the time. It was wrong, especially when I’m so demanding with my players and always the first to say that each one’s actions can overpower the team. I have already removed players from the squad for much less,” he stated.

“It was my mistake, I have to accept it and live with it. It didn’t seem so bad at the time, but thinking about it later it’s very clear. I gave explanations to the players and the staff. Now it’s time to move on. Obviously, I also use the public part here to apologise to the Sporting fans, the staff and, mainly publicly to my players for the mistake I made.”

“It was a mistake because the fact that we are close to winning the championship, nothing has been done yet, and the team leader causes this noise, is a mistake. Whether or not he is authorised. And I’m the biggest defender of that. That’s why I said it is an error.”

Interestingly though, at no point does he even begin to suggest that he will not be moving to East London, he purely states the timing of it was wrong. Surely if a move was off the cards he would have said that he can guarantee it will not happen as a sign of respect?

Some believe that he purely used the talks to push Liverpool to make a move but since that backfired, he may actually consider taking charge at the London Stadium – it would be a brilliant appointment if it happens.