Jurgen Klopp has made a disrespectful and dismissive claim following Liverpool’s draw with West Ham.

While he is undoubtedly a brilliant manager and has done wonders at Liverpool since taking over, Jurgen Klopp is anything but graceful in defeat. His constant excuses, rudeness to reporters and clear bitterness after every poor result makes it impossible for fans outside of his club to like him.

Unsurprisingly, things were no different after his side’s 2-2 draw with West Ham which all but killed his hopes of winning the title in his farewell season. The Reds were the better side on the day, but there wasn’t too much in it across the 90. Both teams had spells where they could’ve scored more than they did and, on the balance of things, a draw was probably a fair result. However, Klopp sees things very differently.

“Intense for the boys – 10 days, four games, last one today,” he complained. “First half, dominating, good game. Not the highest intensity, happens quite frequently when you have these intense periods, you need to get the legs going. [We] created, were super dominant but concede anyway, first goal from a corner. Not great. Speak about it at half-time, that the one thing I didn’t like is how we dealt with the chances we missed, a bit throwing arms [up] and stuff like this.”

“It makes no sense because it cannot constantly feel like we carry with us that we didn’t score for a while, or individuals didn’t score for a while, or we just try to ignore it for once. Coming out and scoring early [in the second half] helped, obviously. Still, really good game, super controlled, more intense now, caused massive problems and if there would have been a deserved winner today it would have been only Liverpool, but football is not like that, not always at least. So, we scored for 2-1 and conceded the equaliser and here we are with one point. That’s obviously not enough for us but not to change anymore.”

For one, his side did anything but dominate the first-half; the game was quite stale in all honesty. Secondly, to say only one side deserved to win is just dismissive and not true. As mentioned, Liverpool did have their opportunities to increase the scoreline, especially when they were in the lead, but they failed to capitalise. It was not a one sided affair and frankly his team did not play like a side competing for the title. Fortunately, they are no longer in the race and Klopp’s potential quadruple-farewell has turned into nothing more than a League Cup and a lot of excuses for not winning anything else.