Age: 23 years
Nationality: Brazilian
Current Team: Gremio
This week a Striker from the Brazilian Serie A Division by the name of Luan Vieira.
Luan is a real poacher of a striker.
He has been the most outstanding performer in the last 6 games in the Brazilian League.
Not just as a striker…
He also has performed to a high standard as a right attacking midfielder as well as a central one.
Luan has many strengths, he is a threat from range, quick and strong with his passing.
His finishing is okay but can also be improved further, however he still scores lots of goals due to his skill-set.
He dribbles very well at a fast pace, makes him very difficult too contain.
He will dribble with the ball and also has the vision and passing accuracy to pick out a runner.
He confuses defenders big time with his quick feet, he has the ability to turn one way to the next in a flash.
This makes him extremely dangerous and it draws players onto him creating space elsewhere.
He wins a lot of free-kicks, usually the best way to stop him from doing some damage..
Staying on free-kicks, he is also capable of scoring them.
He has decent strength, his agility and speed give him a great advantage.
He will run in behind very well, he has fantastic movement and is hard to mark.
Luan is showing a lot, improving lots and think he can be one to move to Europe and do very well.
He needs to just carry on improving his game and he will go to the very top.
STRENGTHS :  Dribbling – Vision – Passing – Technique – Agility – Acceleration
WEAKNESSES : Aerial Duels


Written by Richard Jones – via twitter @emagehtjr