I was born into West Ham. My dads side of the family are all from either East London or Essex. As for my dad, he was literately born in the living room of a house on Lonsdale Avenue in East Ham in 1960. I, myself was born in Greenwich hospital in 1989, physically closer to Charlton, but that just wasn’t going to happen!

My dad started taking me to the odd West Ham game as soon as I was old enough to remember, I think I was 7 when I first went. I became a season ticket holder when I was 10 and saw one of the best seasons I have ever seen, equal to the season just gone. Di Canio and Kanoute up front was immense only made better by cheekily getting away with singing the John Moncur song, “he’s here, he’s there, he’s every….” you know it!

16 seasons and many witty chants later and I feel more passionate about West Ham than I have ever felt before, hence me wanting to help this great site and the immense people behind the scenes who run it.

Over the last few months I have gotten to know ExWHUEmployee and together we came up with some ideas for a brand new The West Ham Way website and how to take everything further including apps and some other new, yet unreleased things.

My first step was to create TWHW apps, so they could become one of the first to have their own apps. These were built using the old website so had to be simple. We are close to launching new apps soon which will have everything you need to stay up-to-date. You will see the latest news in full and have the ability to see individual categories e.g. ExWHUEmployee Columns.

I designed and developed a cleaner, easier to read and more cohesive website. Articles are clearer now with a more social aspect by allowing users to leave comments and create a conversation directly with the guys here at TWHW. The website is fully responsive meaning you can get your West Ham news fix whilst on the move.

As for new things, the downloads section was added this week so you can go and get your desktop and smartphone wallpapers. We will be adding a forum very soon so you can all talk to each other about things such as car sharing to away games, selling or buying West Ham tickets etc.

If you would like to contact myself or ExWHUEmployee about anything we could add to make the site even better, then please do using the contact form or use Twitter. @machukirk @exwhuemployee

Perhaps you are after a new and improved website and would like to know more about me and contact me, if so, please see my portfolio and contact me. You can also see my working history on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter and Direct Message me.

I hope you enjoy the new TWHW website and enjoy the new things that are on the way very soon.

Matthew Kirk