Age: 18 years
Nationality: English
Current Team: Walsall
This week we have a very promising young left back in Rico Henry who currently plays for Walsall.
He played a total of 37 games in League one for Walsall who narrowly missed out on promotion to the championship.
He has been dubbed the new Ashley Cole by many already.
His all round composure, support runs and work rate for one make him a sensible comparison.
Plus playing regular football at the age of 17 this season, getting that much needed experience and handling it very well gives him a huge boost in development.
On the ball he is a good passer, pacey, loves to get forward and contribute.
Loves to dribble into space and get down the byline and then deliver a cross.
He will often knock the ball past his player, using his athleticism to out run him.
He has a very good engine, energetic, a player fans will like and one who has a great attitude to the game.
He is a quick learner and I feel he can play at the top-level at a club that is willing to help him improve further.
Being so young still, he needs to work on his physical strength which I’m sure will come.
As a West Ham fan I’d love him to be one who can learn off Cresswell and back him up.
I feel Rico Henry will be a future England left back fingers crossed.
STRENGTHS :  Composure – Pace – Agility – Ball Control – Anticipation
Written by Richard Jones – via twitter @emagehtjr