Age: 25 years
Nationality: Nigerian
Current Team: Portland Timbers
This week we have a very powerful Nigerian striker who has been compared to ex Arsenal striker Nwankwo Kanu.
He plays the lone striker role very well, and at 6’4″ he’s a problem for defences.
I think they look similar, although Kanu was a lot more skilful as a player.
Still, there are certain similarities….the composure in front of goal is the first one and obviously the size and strength.
Adi is a powerhouse of a striker who can play with his back to goal, slip teammates in with his vision or finish himself.
In the box he has the physical strength to knock defenders about and get on the end of crosses.
He also holds defenders off well with his strength inside the box, then turns to usually converts his chances very well.
He has good first time finishes that are well placed with both feet.
He is good in the air but scores most of his goals with his feet.
He has good ball control for a big man and it helps him score more goals.
Fanendo Adi is a player who I think could be a good wildcard for a Premier League team.
He certainly has the ability and talent.
He is too good for the MLS and feel he needs to test himself in a stronger league.
He has scored double figures in the MLS with smart assists to players around him.
A very valuable player to have in a team.
STRENGTHS : Finishing – Composure – Strength – Use of both feet – Aerial prowess – Hold up play